There’s an old joke..
That if it’s not one thing … it’s your Mother….. well here goes .. and this isn’t so much stream of conscienceness as it is stream of emotion.

Yes… this time it’s about my mama….

the last couple of days were an anniversary of sorts …

March - 2013 .. mom was admitted to WakeMed with suspicions of a stroke.

It wasn’t.

But it was a wake up call to the relationship to medicine and the end of life..

In 2013

We … my sister and i … we … made a decision to take mom off of all meds except pain killers as needed.

the older doctors objected … we felt un heard

the young doctor supported our decision and we knew we were making the right decision

Here we are, 2019

She’s still alive … feeling no pain and nothing else either.. there is nothing there but the physical manifestation with a brain that only reacts to reflex ..

I have a really hard question - but one that as a society … we really really really need to discuss …

dying with dignity … what does that mean to you?